How to Submit a Summary

PLoSibilities submissions map.png

Thanks to the students from around the world who have already contributed to Think of the PLOSibilities. Put your home town on the map and submit a summary today! Our goal is to publish at least one summary from every continent.

* Please note that it takes approximately 3 weeks from submission for a post to appear on the blog*

1.Choose your favourite article from an open-access journal (ex. PLoS). Need advice on an article or want feedback on your summary idea? Email!

2.Write a brief summary highlighting the significance of the research and the major findings

Focus on:

What is already known? What are the results?  What are possible future experiments?

Why is the research important? Why should we care?

How do the results change the field?

3.Email the summary to (once received, it takes approximately 3 weeks to publish on the blog.)

4.Receive reviewer comments.

5.Make the necessary changes for publication

6.Email with your edited summary

7.Get published!